Questioned document

We provide forensic solutions in Signature verification and Handwriting verification. Our reports are simple to understand and scientifically sound. We Provide personal as well as legal reports. Our legal report are valid in court of law.

Fingerprint department

We provide services in Fingerprint development, lifting and verification. Fingerprinting services for Police clearance certificate of various countries are provided.


Insurance Claims

Car wrecks, Arson, Frauds happen daily and it helps to have a third party on your side when insurance companies and police are dragging their feet dealing with it. We provide unprejudiced investigation with scientifically sound techniques.


We provide graphology services for students to opt for career according to their personality. Private people as well as companies for hiring bright & hardworking candidates. Graphology helps reveal the nature of person.


Seminars and Workshops

We Provide lectures, training and workshops in forensic related subjects for everyone interested. Special sessions are organized for Law-enforcement personnel, lawyers and para-legals etc.

Who We Are. What We Do

Forensic solutions and the investigation services is Private forensic laboratory based in India.  It was established with the sole purpose of providing access of forensic science, technology and development to common man and private entities to achieve justice. To increase the awareness about forensics in general public and especially among professional closely working with legal system.

We provide scientifically sound forensic reports for personal as well as legal purposes. Our reports are valid in all Indian courts except for the state of Jammu and Kashmir    (In this state one needs to confirm on case basis). We provide reports according to Indian Evidence Act, 1872, Section 45.

Our team includes qualified, experienced forensic experts in various forensic fields. Our experts visit courts for expert witness on court summon. We work as a team and combine our talents so we can be of a great service to you.

We are committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of all our clients.

What People Say About Us

Received scientifically sound and a detailed signature verification report for my court case. Huge thanks!
Business man
I very thankful to forensic solution for my forensic report. I needed my report fast and they provided it in a short time.