Forensic solutions and investigation services


Forensic solutions and investigation services is one of the few independent forensic science laboratory in India. We provide varied forensic services like,

  1. Questioned document-handwriting verification, Signature verification,
  2. Fingerprint development.
  3. Fingerprint lifting.
  4. Fingerprint verification,
  5. Fingerprinting for Police clearance certificate, visas etc. 
  6. Vehicular accident investigation and
  7. Arson investigation, 
  8. Graphology,
  9. Seminars and Workshops.

The company was formed with the help and support of many individuals from various fields of life like law, social service, press, doctors and engineers etc. The aim for forming the company was to provide access to forensic technology to everyone in timely fashion.Justice delayed is Justice Denied.We at Forensic solutions believe it and provide our services in timely fashion. We excel in providing quality services to our clients, in appropriate amount of time. Our reports are clear and simple to understand. We keep in pace with current updates in respective branch of Forensic science and provide a unbiased and accurate reports as the science and technology allows to us provide.

 We are committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of all our clients.