What are Fingerprints

The friction ridge skin found on the palms of the hands when,  leave an impression on any other surface either visible or invisible are called fingerprints

Types of fingerprints




Fingerprint in court of law

 Since ancient times we are using hand prints and fingerprints to prove our right, approval or authenticity. Be it hand prints on house in different religious ceremonies, fingerprint on clay pottery or modern day legal documents. Fingerprints is specialized branch of forensic science. It is based on the principal and proved fact that no two people have same fingerprints. This has also given higher evidentiary value to them in court of law. Fingerprinting has served all the governments worldwide during past 100 years or so to provide accurate identification of persons. The NCRB Report 2014 ranks Maharashtra state as the sixth among all the states in cracking cases with the help of fingerprints. 

For private person also fingerprint plays an important role. In legal matters where only a fingerprint is present as an adults consent proving the owner of print is important.

Fingerprint for police clearance certification

Police clearance certificate or as called PCC in short form is Certificate issued by police stating whether you were involved in any illegal activities or not.  

PCC is required from all the countries you stayed for substantial amount of time. This PCC is done in most of the countries from fingerprints as they do not change in person from birth to death nor one person has fingerprint same as another. Thus, fingerprinting in proper way is required to be done and submitted to proper authority to obtain the PCC.

 Our services

 Fingerprint development and lifting services

We provide fingerprint development by various powder as well as chemical methods. Which method is depends on the type of evidence, time eclipsed since crime and many other factors.                                                                                    Precautions to take before you bring the evidence for development and lifting.

  • Handle the object as less as possible.
  • Many people should not touch the object.
  • Keep/ store the object in manner that the print over the object do not smudge.
  • Object should not be stored in lot or very less humidity.

 Fingerprint Verification 

We provide fingerprint verification services for legal as well as personal purposes. Personal reports could be used for personal purposes like out of court settlement etc. Legal report is valid in court of law all over India except for the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

While submitting the case…

  • Make sure the documents you submit are of good quality, i.e. do not crumple or fold it. If scanned then, scan it at higher resolution.
  • Original copies of document are preferred for verification though verification can be done using other documents.
  • For legal Purposes do not submit cropped images or documents. 

We have experts with many years experience in the field of fingerprints. We provide verification/Identification for personal as well as legal purposes. Our legal reports are valid in all Indian court of law except in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.  Our experts visit courts for cross examination on court summon.

Fingerprinting for PCC

We Provide fingerprinting services for Police Clearance Certificate of different countries.Fingerprinting for PCC is supposed to be done by a fingerprint expert or in front of police personnel. PCC requires 5-15 weeks depending on the country. 

 We have qualified fingerprint experts for you which considerably reduces your chances for card being rejected. Saving lots of time and trouble for you.

While coming for PCC

  • Always take prior appointment.
  • Bring your current passport along with its photocopy.
  • Take care of your hands, any injury to palms or its skin should be treated properly.
  • Check with your particular embassy to confirm the fingerprinting card they require.