Questioned document

Definition of document:  A document may be broadly defined as anything that bears marks, signs or symbols on any surface like wall, paper, clay tablets, blackboard which have or conveys a message to someone.

Handwriting: Handwriting of a person is his writing which may be alphabet, words, signature, initials, digits or figures written in some script or non-script form. It is usually written by hand but in some cases can be written by mouth or foot.

According to Indian evidence act 1975 section 3,  All document including electronic records produced for the inspection of the Court; such statements/documents are called documentary evidence.

What is handwriting /Signature verification

When Handwriting expert using his knowledge and experience studies both doubtful/suspect handwriting/signature to confirm the author or writer of the writing it is said handwriting/Signature verification

When is Handwriting/Signature verification done?

When the authenticity of the writer or author of the handwriting or signature is in doubt handwriting/Signature verification is done

 Although handwriting and signature verification come under document examination, they each have developed their unique styles and techniques for verification. We Use various scientific instruments and methods to verify our cases so as to provide high accuracy and quality service to our clients 

 We have experts with minimum +4 years experience in the field of questioned document. We provide verification/Identification for personal as well as legal purposes. Our legal reports are valid in all Indian court of law except in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.  Our experts visit courts for cross examination on court summon.

While submitting the case…

  • Mark the hand writings/Signatures as questioned (doubtful/suspected) and original/specimen.
  •  Make sure the document you are submitting is of good quality, i.e. if scanned scan it at higher resolution. Original copies of document is preferred for verification though verification can be done using other documents.
  • For legal matters take your Lawyer into consideration your lawyer’s advice.
  • For legal Purposes do not submit cropped images or documents. We at Forensic solution provide complete confidentiality to our clients. 
  • For scanned copies do not submit document in .pdf format. submit it in .JPG or .JPEG format only