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Questioned document

We provide Forensic solutions in Signature verification and Handwriting verification. We provide two types of reports

  • Personal Reports- for personal or out of court settelement.
  • Legal Report-to furnish in front of court of Law.

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Fingerprint verification

We offer many types of fingerprinting services

 Fingerprint development is done when the prints are not easily and/or clearly visible to our naked eyes. We provide fingerprint development services using powder as well as chemical methods, depending on the surface. We provide fingerprint lifting services in cases of theft, robbery, assault etc. 

 Fingerprint is one of the science specially developed by forensic scientists. It is a known and proved fact that no two persons can have same fingerprints. Thus it plays an important role in court cases and lots of evidentiary value. We Provide fingerprint verification reports for both personal and legal purposes.

 We provide fingerprinting services for Police clearance certifiate for various countries like U.S. , Canada, Austrilia, singapore etc.


Graphology in simple manner can be explained as study of a person’s handwriting to infer their personality,  character and their strengths and weakness.

Use for Recruitment
For deciding career
Personality development

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Vehicular accident investigation

Vehicular accident investigation for insurance companies and private companies/entities.

Arson or fire investigation is performed by insurance companies to verify the claim or by private entities to support their claim. It is an investigation into origin and cause of fire. Our  Fire investigators conduct their investigations using a systematic approach, scientifically proved and sound techniques and the scientific methods.

Seminar and Workshops

We conduct and arrange seminar and workshops for professional working in close relation to legal system like lawyers, police personals, Doctors etc. as well as students, writers and amateur enthusiasts. We provide theoretical as well as  practical knowlege.

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