Vehicular Accident Investigation

A Report on Road Accidents in India 2016, published by Transport Research wing under Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India, has revealed that more people died on roads accidents in India last year, as compared to the number of deaths in 2015. As per the data cited in the report, the country recorded at least 4,80,652 accidents in 2016, leading to 1,50,785 deaths. 

Thus vehicular accident investigation is very important 

Road Traffic Accident Investigations

As a market pioneers in expert forensic services Forensic solutions provide a Road/vehicular Traffic Accident Investigation team who are dedicated to the investigation, assessment and reconstruction of Road Traffic Accident scenes.

When receiving instructions from a client regarding a Road Traffic Accident case, any aspect of liability is normally hotly disputed. In the more serious cases it is not unusual for either the prosecution or claimant to serve an expert report and conclusion as to the mechanics of the incident. In such cases it is always recommended that an independent Road Traffic Accident Investigation Expert be instructed to assist with both case preparation and presentation before the Court. It also plays an important role when claming your insurance and for insurance companies to know the accident was genuine and not pre-planned or malicious.  

To provide assistance we offer an initial free telephone consultation which can often assist to resolve the situation (up to a maximum of half an hour).

Independent Analysis of Expert Reports

It is not unusual in serious Road Traffic Accident cases that a Solicitor is served with an expert Road Traffic Accident report as part of the case disclosure. Whilst instructions will be dutifully taken from the client, a more in-depth assessment of the data, evidence and conclusions can provide support to the facts and assist with the furtherance of case preparation.

It may also be the case that the client has a somewhat sketchy recollection of the circumstances of the incident, especially if they have been injured or there were multiple people involved of whom the client was not aware. In these circumstances, such expert evidential interpretation can provide a balanced view and help the client form a more accurate reflective view of what happened.